Prints on bamboo
We offer prints on bamboo with excellent colour and gradient reproduction. The prints are almost undetectable to the touch. We offer expert support to produce tailor-made solutions in printing on fabric for our clients.
Let the colour depth captivate you!
Bamboo fabric is highly breathable (thanks to micro-holes inside to let the air trough for superior ventilation), crease-free and more absorbent than cotton, which is an important advantage in the case of towels.
Prints on bamboo in the Pracownia Druku provide you with:
  • excellent colour gradients
  • our expertise
  • superior quality print on bamboo
  • perfect colour reproduction on bamboo
  • environmentally friendly technology
  • up to 100 mb print
  • unique design printing
  • print undetectable to the touch
  • short lead times
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