Prints on linen
We are one of the first providers in Poland of digital prints on linen. We are constantly developing the process of printing on natural fabrics. You can use your own fabric or take advantage of the linen provided by the Pracownia Druku. You can count on expert assistance every step of the way.
Let the colour depth captivate you!
Linen has a fibre weave strong enough to withstand stretching and friction. It can be washed in high temperatures without the risk of damage or shrinkage. Printed linen should be washed in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. Linen is an airy material which allows the skin to breathe easily during summer heat. Linen also has anti-allergic and fungicidal properties, which makes it perfect for people suffering from allergies. The Natural Fabric Institute in Poznań has done research which shows that linen bedlinen enhances sleep quality, which makes us regenerated and more well-rested in the morning.
Prints on linen in the Pracownia Druku provide you with:
  • excellent colour gradients
  • our expertise
  • superior quality print on linen
  • perfect colour reproduction on linen
  • environmentally friendly technology
  • up to 100 mb print
  • unique design printing
  • print undetectable to the touch
  • short lead times
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