Prints on viscose
We offer prints on viscose with excellent colour and gradient reproduction. The prints are undetectable to the touch. We offer expert support to produce tailor-made solutions in printing on fabric for our clients.
Viscose is highly breathable and skin-friendly. As a moisture absorbent it protects you from excessive heat and sweating, which makes it perfect for summer clothing such as blouses and dresses. This fabric is also used as an admixture to improve breathability and make other types of fibres less rough and more skin-friendly.
Prints on viscose in the Pracownia Druku provide you with:
  • excellent colour gradients
  • our expertise
  • superior quality print on viscose
  • perfect colour reproduction on viscose
  • environmentally friendly technology
  • up to 100 mb print
  • unique design printing
  • print undetectable to the touch
  • short lead times
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