The key to achieving perfect quality of fabrics printing is the selection
of appropriate printing equipment, good colour profiling and selection
of the appropriate software.
We use the Reggiani ReNOIR 240 digital printer and Zimmer screen printers
Even the smallest drop of ink is important in the printing process. In our Studio, we have profile and colour management system in place. Thus, even on the designing stage, we choose common parameters to achieve consistent colours – transferred from the computer onto the fabric. At Work We use RIP software that controls the system, ensuring exceptional quality and consistent repeatability. Advanced control algorithms, combined with professional colour profiles, show the printer not only where to aim a drop of ink, but also what colour, what size and what amount.
What do you get with our advanced technology?
  • excellent tonal gradations
  • more details in individual colour batches
  • best colour reproduction
  • the highest quality and precision of printing
Out strengths
Modern digital printer for natural fabrics
developed by the reputable brand – Reggiani – is one of the few
available on the Polish market.
  • maximum print width: 240 cm
  • diagonal of initial fabric role up to ø160 cm
  • ability to print two passages of fabric at the same time
  • direct printing
  • native print resolution of 600dpi
  • printing speed approx. 200 m/h
  • printing with-selected reactive dyes
  • excellent print quality
  • short delivery time
  • prints are highly resistant to light, friction, alkaline or acidic sweating
  • printing complex bitmaps or photographs
  • no reporting restrictions
  • ability to print a single beam of fabric with different patterns
  • quick preparation to printing
  • our own graphic studio
  • the latest generation digital printer
  • our own graphic studio
  • maximum digital print width: 240 cm
  • printing with-selected reactive dyes
  • high printing resolution
  • our own fabric finisher, offering wide range of options for textile finishing, bleaching, colouring, steaming, washing, stabilization, softening, tumbling, sanforization
We mastered the field of screen printing to perfection, so we can transfer the quality of
photographic projects on textile media, also in large quantities and in very attractive prices,
impossible to achieve with other printing methods.
  • preparation of printing plates in digital technology (Jet Screen) even for the size of 350 cm x 600 cm
  • preparation of frames, tightening the mesh and coating the templates, using the tools of best producers worldwide;
  • modern Zimmer printers that provide printing in 2.4 m x 6 m format;
  • large-size printing
  • modern printers for large-size screen printing with reports of 280 x 650 cm
  • 3.5 m x 7 m matrix
  • excellent colour reproduction
  • preparation of printing plates
  • dispersion printing and pigment printing
  • application of the CTS technology in the preparation of printing plates
  • own department for the preparation of printing plates
  • reactive pigment printing and dispersion printing
  • our own graphic studio
  • printing up to 300 cm wide
  • modern Zimmer screen printers
  • preparation of printing plates in digital technology (Jet Screen)
  • even for the size of 350 cm x 600 cm
  • printing up to 300 cm wide
  • large-size printing: report 280 cm x 650 cm
  • printing with reactive dyes, dispersion and pigment
  • 7-colour printing
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